Barbeau Stables in Apples in the canton of Vaud: a passion for horses

Learn horse riding by taking lessons within our pony club itself or improve your skills through dressage lessons

Livery yard for horses for leisure riding and trading

Entrust your horse to us for free or working livery. Our stable staff are responsible for tending to all their needs and also for exercising them

Certificates of capability and preparation for equestrian licence exams

We give you lessons in our arena to prepare you for certificates and licences that will give you access to high-level equine competitions

Certificates and licences

Advice, guidance and preparation for equestrian exams

Certificates of capability

A certificate of this kind allows the holder to freely ride a horse belonging to a third party and to participate in certain regional competitions.

We take charge of this exam directly within our arena itself.

Over the course of the lessons, we assess participants, and when we feel that a student is ready to take the certificate examination, we prepare him for it in the form of courses of 10 double lessons (20 hours in total).

We offer two examination sessions, one in spring and the other in autumn.

The certificate constitutes a preliminary step in the transition to a licence.

Transition to licences

A licence gives access to competitions and other high-level equestrian competitions.

To obtain a licence, it is necessary to take exams at various different locations and to be judged by external  experts.

Within our stables themselves, we give private one-to-one riding lessons in preparation for the transition to licence, which facilitate improvement.

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