Barbeau Stables in Apples in the canton of Vaud: a passion for horses

Learn horse riding by taking lessons within our pony club itself or improve your skills through dressage lessons

Livery yard for horses for leisure riding and trading

Entrust your horse to us for free or working livery. Our stable staff are responsible for tending to all their needs and also for exercising them

Certificates of capability and preparation for equestrian licence exams

We give you lessons in our arena to prepare you for certificates and licences that will give you access to high-level equine competitions

Lessons and rides

Our pony club allows children to have riding lessons and ride in the forest 

Horse riding lessons

cours et promenade equitationWithin our stable yard itself, we have an arena equipped with indoor and outdoor paddocks for relaxing and warming up the horses before training them to jump, but it is also for our pony club members.

We have 10 ponies and 3 horses at our disposal for giving our riding lessons.

The ponies

  • Top Blue
  • Cléa
  • Paloma
  • Hurrikane
  • Lisette
  • Quanter
  • Carambar
  • Storm
  • Achille
  • Amande

The horses

  • Narock
  • Hector
  • Rubis

These lessons are aimed at children aged from seven years, from complete beginner to advanced.

Mondays to Saturdays, we offer the following different packages:

  • Longe riding lessons (30 minutes)
  • Group riding lessons (50 minutes)
  • Private (one-to-one) lessons (30 minutes)

Apart from riding lessons, we supervise the children while they learn how to care for horses and how to prepare for mounting and riding them. 

When the weather is good, we sometimes replace lessons with a ride in the forest.

NB: Each participant must bring his own equipment, though we can lend helmets and/or jackets if you forget.

Pony hire for rides in the forest

We provide ponies for those wishing to ride out into the surrounding forests.

We offer you the choice of 30-minute or 1-hour rides.

Show jumping and dressage lessons 

We also offer show jumping and dressage lessons for individuals.

Spoken languages