Barbeau Stables in Apples in the canton of Vaud: a passion for horses

Learn horse riding by taking lessons within our pony club itself or improve your skills through dressage lessons

Livery yard for horses for leisure riding and trading

Entrust your horse to us for free or working livery. Our stable staff are responsible for tending to all their needs and also for exercising them

Certificates of capability and preparation for equestrian licence exams

We give you lessons in our arena to prepare you for certificates and licences that will give you access to high-level equine competitions


Barbeau Stables and arena in Apples: a passion for horses for more than two generations


  • Christophe Barbeau, owner, international rider
  • Mélanie Dumas, assistant of Christophe Barbeau
  • Marine Deléchat, websites responsible 
  • Elodie Schafroth, poney-club
  • Wilfrid Alix, rider and instructor
  • Céline Doucet, administrative manager
  • Lya Barbeau, squire apprentice


Summer Challenge Apples from July 18th until July 21th 2019


Within our arena itself there is the restaurant with seating for around sixty people and offering breakfast, and a daily menu served Mondays to Saturdays from 11.30am to 2pm. Booking for events are available upon request : 021 800 36 97

So it is possible to eat before or after exercising, or during a simple visit to a horse in the livery yard.
Do not hesitate to contact Barbeau Stables for any additional information.